Our daily lives today would look completely different without the presence of plastic; we rely on a large variety of plastics in our daily lives, mostly without much thought. In that way plastic is almost an existential commodity, like the air we breathe. Every year over 320 million tons of plastic are produced. Up to 75% ends in a landfill, leaks in the environment or is incinerated, causing a global environmental concern.

Waste2Fuel specializes in valorization of non-recyclable plastic waste by converting it into commercial grade non-fossil fuel. We use a proven performance thermal polymerization process. Waste2Fuel creates a clean environment for present and future generations across the planet by developing a global organization with the aim of valorizing 1.400.000 tons of plastic waste per year resulting in a reduction of >2.860.000 tons of CO2 in comparison with incineration.

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